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About Us

Our main business is the production of equipment and chemical. reagents used for the application of metallic and non-metallic (plastic) coating.
The company has been on the market for over 7 years and supports scientific relations with leading industry and research institutes in the field of organic and inorganic chemistry, and, within its own production laboratory, develops and manufactures chemicals used to process the application of metallic and polymer coatings.
The company has its own production facility, equipped with modern metal-cutting and metal-working equipment and producing equipment complies with industry standards, and meets European quality standards.

Our Mission

Optimizing the application of protective and decorative coatings, equipment and chemical. reagents for small- and medium-sized businesses, giving them access to industrial processes and technologies.

Equipment for chemical metallization "META-CHROME / Pro1" / "META-CHROME / Pro2"
Chemical 'chrome' (cat 'chrome'). Application mirrored metallic coatings by chemical plating (coating 'chrome', 'gold', 'copper', etc.). Metallization of plastics, plastics, various porous materials including wood, gypsum, MDF, marble, etc. 'Gilding' 'chrome' plastics, different dielectric materials by synthetic chemical metallization.

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The equipment for electrochemical metallization "HMM-300Pro" / "HMM-301Pro"
Gilding at home. Electrochemical deposition of rare and precious metals (gold, gold alloys, silver, palladium, nickel, copper) using a metal-containing gels. Application nonporous, wear-resistant metallic coatings on various metals and alloys. Electrochemical coating of gold: "Gold 24Kt" metals, "Gold 24Kt" alloys, "green" gold 16 Cr, "pink" gold 14 KT ".

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Equipment for wet printing DP-1200 / 1600
Immersion printing, hydrographic or akvapechat. "Transfer" on the surface of the product in an aqueous medium multicolor izobrazheniy- "templates" high definition, using immersion equipment DP-1200 / 1600 and immersion films (films akvapechati). Consumables: immersion (aqua) film immersion primer CH-AQUA, protective varnish 200A CB or CB-AQUA, an activator for wet printing.

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Reagents, electrolytes, rectifiers for electroplating
Electroplating at home. Metal plating. Kits for applying metal coatings using an electrolyte deposition. Galvanic processes: bright chrome plating, chemical nickel plating and brilliant, brilliant copper plating, gilding metal, chemical plating of plastics, anodizing, electroplating, etc. Accessories: anodes, heaters, galvanic baths

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Equipment for the application of polyurea ("Cartridge spray system")
Polyurea "manual" application: Spray Polyurea a "low" pressure. Application of high-strength fast-curing elastomeric coatings on metal, concrete. and other organic materials .. Application: protective polymer coating of the car body, Stone Chip coating, polymer coating for concrete, waterproofing, insulation, etc.

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Poliaspartatnye self-leveling floor systems "PolySpartic"
Self-leveling floor coatings (self-leveling floors) "PolySpartic" excellent performance characteristics, have a high chemical resistance, do not fade from UV radiation and solidify even at low temperature (industrial floors with quartz sand, with decorative flock, chem. Resistant flooring, self-leveling floors and with metallopigmentom Self-leveling floors 3D.

Vinyl film (Autowini)
High-quality vinyl film for full or partial gluing car, to improve appearance and protect the paintwork. In the presence of a large selection of vinyl films (Autowini): carbon film 3D and 4D, pearl film, glossy film, including red chrome, black chrome, matt chrome and more. al.

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