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Chemical metallization - technology "chroming"

Chemical metallization process, also referred to as catalytic or chemical plating, based on the silver mirror reaction and allows to apply to surfaces shiny metallic coating having high reflective properties. Using the process of chemical metallization specially developed chemical. LK reagents and materials, produces no dimming, white metal mirror coatings with excellent adhesion to the substrate. In carrying out this metallization process does not use corrosive substances, carcinogenic and explosive components of the complexes on the basis of "detonating" silver. The process of surface preparation is the same as before the usual process of painting. Thus, during the process of chemical plating is practically no limitation in size and shape to be coated, it is possible to metallize all synthetic and porous materials, many of which coating even similar in the reflective properties of the coating, with other technologies too difficult or impossible.

Obtained by chemical plating 'chrome' and 'gold' cover, visually indistinguishable from those of the metal coating obtained by galvanic deposition, allowing to take significant market share brilliant decorative chrome plating and gold plating.

"Chrome" by chemical metallization

Mirrored metal coating META-CHROME obtained by chemical plating, using patented equipment for chemical metallization and META-CHROME chemical META-CHROME - only the Russian market metallized coating, which does not yellow from exposure to sunlight. Many presented on the internet and received a similar manner, metallized coating, look great and have a mirror shine, but no one can guarantee that this coating does not darken and does not turn yellow after a few weeks or months. No other metallic coating on the market do not stand 170 * With temperature and do not have such a high UV-resistance, as the reflecting metal coating META-CHROME.

Among our regular customers: motorists, bikers, owners of vintage cars, auto station and motorcycle tuning, owners of boats, yachts, outdoor advertising manufacturers, private furniture manufacturing, design studios, sculpture workshops, shops, sanitary products, temples, churches, hotels and many others . More photos ...

Popular types of coatings

Features of chemical metallization process

Unlike conventional dyeing process, in which during deposition painting material can be uniformly and efficiently paint practically any surface area, the process goes linearly with chemical metallization. When the metallization of large-draining spent reactants occurs on the already metallized surface splashes reagents have not metallized portions of the surface, the water slide, "film" and, consequently, zamuarivanie metallization layer and deterioration of the reflective properties of the metal coating. Therefore, surface area, which can be qualitatively metallized considerably limited and depends on the spray equipment used, and the metallization reagent. At the same time, small in size and simple in form and details of the product can be successfully plated, by using standard kits "home chroming" using conventional spray guns, electrical paint spray guns or just bezkompressornye "equipment" for spraying. But to hold a mirror plating the entire surface area is relatively large in the overall dimensions of products, especially those with complex or recessed portions of the surface, the use of such devices, has not come out. High-quality mirror plating such products is only possible with the use of a professional spray equipment and specially selected, quickly deposited "formulas" metallization. Thus, in the cutscenes and announcements of advertisements on the internet for the sale of equipment for metal, we can often see photos of cars with a mirror coating (most often for this, use the photo Car covered with mirrored vinyl film chrome), but at the same time, photos of individual metallized elements or any video stages of metallization on the web pages are missing. At that time, as shown in photo galleries metallized samples of such resources are usually limited to the shape simple and small in size, parts and products.