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Chemical metallization - technology "chroming"

Chemical metallization process, also referred to as chemical or catalytic chromium, based on the reaction in silver mirrors and makes it possible to apply to surfaces, specular metallic coating having high reflectivity. For the chemical plating process uses a special spray equipment and chemical. reagents enabling metallization and applied metal mirror coatings on any hard profiled products and small parts with almost any dimensions.

After the mirrored surface metallization process, a metallized coating can impart any color and color ottenki.Protsess surface preparation before the chemical plating process and the application of a reflecting metal coating like paint and before the usual process. At the same time, it can be metalized parts and products made from virtually

any natural or synthetic materials, many of which, even applying a reflective coating similar in properties with the use of other technologies, is virtually impossible. Used for chemical metallization process chemical. reagents contain corrosive substances, carcinogenic and explosive components complexes based on the "detonating" of silver. Waste chemical. reagents obtained after the chemical metallization process not contain "heavy" metals, easily converted into harmless compounds and recycled.

Obtained by chemical plating, mirror, metal coating, after application of the protective lacquer, with the addition of light guide pigments "chrome", "brass", "gold 24Kt", "lemon" gold 16Kt, "pink" gold 14Kt, visually indistinguishable from those brilliant and not shiny metallic coatings produced by galvanic electrodeposition

Options for metal coatings

Application: tuning cars and motorcycles, finishing marine boats, restoration of worn chrome coatings on the retro cars, outdoor advertising products, logos and trademarks, luxury furniture, designer goods, architectural and sculptural workshops, souvenir products, sanitary ware, church decorations and more. Photo Gallery